The law is a demanding profession and there is growing concern within the legal community over a lack of lawyer well-being. Not only are lawyers suffering from a significant increase in mental health issues and substance abuse problems, but there is also a failure of lawyers to thrive as evidenced by significant attorney attrition from law firms and the profession generally.

The “Colorado Lawyer Well-Being Leadership Cohort” is designed for legal organization leaders seeking to address these challenges through:

  • A collaborative, systemic approach to lawyer wellbeing that includes everyone.
  • Opportunities to engage with and learn from other legal organizations across Colorado.
  • The development of workplace wellbeing leadership skills.
  • Exploration of practical tools and approaches to foster a culture of well-being in legal organizations.

Structure & Content

The program will follow six learning modules implemented through monthly meetings, tools & resources, and self-reflective exercises to improve your workplace well-being leadership skills.

•            Modules 1 & 2 provide the “business case” and the “why” for leading workplace well-being initiatives in legal organizations.

•            Modules 3 & 4 provide an overview of how to approach systemic, structural, and cultural changes in legal organizations following the program’s “Six Goal Areas” of lawyer well-being.

•            Modules 5 & 6 provide a roadmap to sustainability and scalability in well-being initiatives through the leveraging of stakeholders and changemakers in legal organizations.

This program creates a meaningful space for active participation in the evolution of well-being as core value in legal workplaces. Organizational leaders will benefit from a “cohort” structure where there will be opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other leaders in Colorado’s legal community.


The 2024 Cohort launched in March 2024.

Registration for the next cohort will open in January 2025.

*A minimum of 10 participants is necessary for the cohort to launch.

For more information contact Ryann Peyton at