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General Well-Being Resources

Patrick R. Krill, Ryan Johnson, & Linda Albert, The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, 10 J. ADDICTION MED. 46 (2016).

Nancy Levit & Douglas O. Linder, The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law (2010).

Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP) Well-Being Resources for Colorado’s Legal Community

Resources for Creating a Culture of Well-Being through Leadership, Accountability, and Buy-In

Jarrod F. Reich, Capitalizing on Healthy Lawyers: The Business Case for Law Firms to Promote and Prioritize Lawyer Well-Being, Geo. Univ. Law Center (2019), available at

Reed Desher, The Role of Leadership in Change Management, available at,to%20be%20clear%20and%20consistent.

McKinsey & Company, Changing Change Management, available at

Glenn Llopis, Change Management Requires Leadership Clarity and Alignment, available at

John P. Kotter, Leading Change (2012). –

Overcoming Lawyers’ Resistance to Change, available at

Resources for Fostering Competence by Developing and Supporting Programs for Substantive Development and Mentoring

NALP Foundation, Update on Associate Attrition 12 tbl. 6 (2017).,10%25%20over%20the%20prior%20year.

McKinsey Quarterly: The Four Building Blocks of Change, available at–of-change

Training Your Law Firm Associates, DRI (2017).

Jill Switzer, Millennial Lawyers Need Mentors, But The Legal Profession Is Slacking, Above the Law, May 2, 2018.

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Resources for Developing Work-Life Integration and Flexible Work Schedules

Jayson DeMers, Research Says This is the Secret to Being Happy at Work, Better, May 22, 2017,

Samantha Radocchia, Why Encouraging Your Team to Work on Passion Projects Benefits Your Company, Hackernoon, Aug. 2, 2015, available at

Bryan Adams, How Google’s 20 Percent Rule Can Make You More Productive and Energetic, Inc., Dec. 28, 2016, available at

Leslie Gordon, How Lawyers Can Avoid Burnout and Debilitating Anxiety, ABA Journal, July 1, 2015, available at

Lisa Frye, More People Are Taking Time Off, and That’s Good For Business, SHRM, June 1, 2018,

Nancy Mann Jackson, Science Says Your Employees Need Days Off, Forbes, June 1, 2018,

Jena McGregor, Five Clever Ways Companies Are Helping Employees Fight Burnout, The Washington Post, Sept. 30, 2014,

Resources for Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity to Increase Organizational Success and Well-Being

Delivering Through Diversity, McKinsey & Company (2018). –

Erik Larson, New Research: Diversity  + Inclusion = Better Decision Making at Work, Forbes, Sept. 2017. –

Meg Bolger, What’s the Difference Between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, available at

William Arruda, The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion and Why it is Important to Your Success, available at

Allison E. Laffey & Allison Ng, Diversity and Inclusion in the Law: Challenges and Initiatives, available at

Deloitte, LLP, The Bias Barrier: Allyships, Inclusion, and Everyday Behaviors, available at

Dorie Clark & Christie Smith, Help Your Employees Be Themselves at Work, Harv. Bus. Rev., Nov. 3, 2014, available at

Pat Wadors, Diversity Efforts Fall Short Unless Employees Feel That They Belong, Diversity Efforts Fall Short Unless Employees Feel that They Belong, Harv. Bus. Rev., Aug. 10, 2016, available at

“The Link between Well-Being and Inclusion”

“Solving for Law Firm Inclusion: The Necessity of Lawyer Well-Being”

“Reframing Attorney Well-being to Include Equity and Inclusion”

“It’s Time to Synchronize Your DEI and Wellbeing Strategies”

“Enabling Lawyer Well-Being Through Diversity & Inclusion”

Resources for Assessing Compensation Metrics to Promote Well-Being

Mark Levin & Bruce MacEwen, Assessing Lawyer Traits & Finding a Fit for Success, JD MATCH (March 2014), available at:

Jonathan White, Self-Assessment Program Aims to Enhance Lawyer Competency and Client Satisfaction, Colorado Lawyer, Oct. 2017.

Deloitte, LLP, Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age, 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends, available at

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Gayle Cinquegrani, Some Law Firms Are Ditching Annual Reviews for Associates, Bloomberg Law, April 18, 2018.

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David Lat, An Inside Look at the Skadden Annual Review Process, Above the Law, Oct. 13, 2011.

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